Fire Stopping

Prevent the Spread of Fire

Firestopping is the process of separating indoor, human-used spaces into separate compartments by installing fire barriers to slow or prevent the spread of fire. This is done through the combination of structural (for example walls and doors) and non-structural, passive fire protection elements. Non-structural elements include insulation, fire wool, seals and sprays. The proper installation of fire stopping will help prevent the spread of smoke and fire, and can save lives and prevent further physical damage from fires.

Fire Stopping

The Right Team For The Job

Because of the integral role that firestopping plays in safety, you can’t afford to leave your building without appropriate firestopping. It must be done properly, every time. Proper materials and knowledge are necessary to ensure that your fire stopping jobs are completed to perfection.

Real Seal has decades of experience with inspections, evaluation fire stopping needs, as well as proper installation. Over the years, building usage, and building codes have changed. Your building may require the addition of firestopping that was not initially installed. Real Seal can use many non-destructive techniques instal appropriate firestop without unnecessary damage to interior finishings. Real Seal will always use the proper material, in sufficient quantities, to ensure your firestopping is done right.

Quality Work Since 1987

We used Real Seal to seal our exposed aggregate driveway and are happy to recommend them to our friends and neighbours. 

– Brian H.