Urethane, Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings

Ultimate Floor Protection

Your warehouse, garage, storage area, or mechanical room may require more floor protection for various reasons. Whether it is to protect from chemicals, additional grip, increased durability, waterproofing, or for appearance, Real Seal will work with you to select the right material for your floor.

Caulking and Sealant Contractor


Urethane floors are generally more flexible and have better resistance to scratching and marring. This makes them better for areas that may experience movement, or experience heavy abrasion. While they are softer, this makes them better for certain applications.


Epoxy is an extremely hard material, adding durability and chemical resistance to concrete, or other types of flooring. Epoxy is shock-resistant, helping to protect floors from the long-term impacts of heavy floor traffic as well as driving or even dropping heavy loads. Epoxy can be tinted to any colour, and textured additives can increase grip.


Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic is another coating that has many of the benefits of epoxy, with added flexibility, and UV resistance. This can be applied on its own, or in combination with epoxy to enhance the benefits of both materials.

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We used Real Seal to seal our exposed aggregate driveway and are happy to recommend them to our friends and neighbours. 

– Brian H.