Building Envelope Protection

The correct flashing of an exterior building envelope is a key component to the long-term performance of building envelope systems. Flashing keeps water away from areas that are susceptible to moisture infiltration. Capillary action prematurely destroys many wall claddings and leaves them unsightly. Horizontal surfaces should always be properly flashed to ensure that water does not sit, destroying cementitious materials, such as concrete, brick and mortar. Proper drip lips on the front edge of flashing direct water away from the building.

Caulking and Sealant Contractor

Custom Flashing For Your Building

Many buildings do not have flashing installed from new. This leaves expensive repair bills from building degradation, as well as the premature necessity of expensive window replacement.

Real Seal will fabricate custom flashing to fit your building perfectly. Once installed and properly sealed, the flashing will last the test of time. This simple and inexpensive addition will save in future repair costs and help your windows last much longer.

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We used Real Seal to seal our exposed aggregate driveway and are happy to recommend them to our friends and neighbours. 

– Brian H.