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Exposed Aggregate Sealing

Exposed Aggregate

Stamped Concrete Sealing

Stamped Concrete

Poured Concrete Sealing

Poured Concrete

Sealing Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking Pavers

Concrete Sealing

Sealing your concrete is imperative to its health and longevity! Exposed aggregate and pattern stamped concrete is especially susceptible to Alberta’s harsh environment. Concrete is porous, and the irregular surface in exposed aggregate and pattern stamped concrete can trap standing water, allowing this water to seep down into your driveway or sidewalk. Alberta has months of freeze/thaw, where daily temperatures may exceed 0°C, however, nighttime temps can be below freezing. When water penetrates your concrete during the day but freezes during the night, the expanding ice can cause serious and irreversible damage to your expensive investment. Cracks, pits or spalls are all common damage in you concrete and can be impossible to repair.

Sealing a Concrete Driveway

Longer Life & Visual Appeal

Sealing your concrete creates a watertight barrier, which disallows penetration into the concrete pores. When your concrete remains dry, the freeze/thaw cycles can’t affect the structure, and thus prevents this type of damage. While not perfect, sealing can also protect against staining from foreign materials such as motor oil, or rust.

Sealed concrete also looks a lot better; it’s like painting your house! You can choose high gloss, or low gloss, but sealed concrete will help show off the beauty of your upgraded driveway or sidewalk.

Sealing Concrete Every Two Years Is Recommended

Unlike other areas of your house, your concrete was designed to take a beating. It is walked on, driven on, snowed and rained on, shovelled, gravelled, and exposed to direct sunlight. Because of this, even Alberta’s New Home Warranty recommends the need to reseal your concrete every two to three years. It is important to use a high-quality sealer, with proper application techniques.

Quality Work Since 1987

We used Real Seal to seal our exposed aggregate driveway and are happy to recommend them to our friends and neighbours. 

– Brian H.

We Are Only Interested In Doing Good Work

This is why Real Seal should be your choice! Real Seal has been in business since 1987, helping property owners protect their biggest investment. We only use high-quality products, and our qualified technicians use meticulous techniques to make sure your concrete will look its best and last its longest.