Warehouse Expansion Joints

Prevent Damage Early On

Your concrete requires expansion joints to prevent cracking and damage from movement over time. These joints should be sealed to prevent damage over time from debris or traffic. The edges of expansion joints are prone to break off when driven over by hard forklift wheels. Once broken, additional damage happens rapidly and can make access in your warehouse more difficult or even impossible. Water can also be forced up into warehouses through expansion joints where water tables are high, or when heavy saturation occurs, such as during spring melts or heavy rains. Sealing joints will stop water from infiltrating your interior spaces, causing dangerous circumstances or damage to stock or fixtures.

Expansion Joints

The Right Product for the Job

The proper sealant should be used to seal expansion joints, protecting your concrete and ensuring longevity. Soft sealants are less expensive, and appropriate where structural support inside joints is not requires. Hard urethane sealants may be required where forklifts are used or support is required for some other reason.

Real Seal can will make sure your expansion joints are sealed, protecting your concrete and prevent water infiltration.

Quality Work Since 1987

We used Real Seal to seal our exposed aggregate driveway and are happy to recommend them to our friends and neighbours. 

– Brian H.