Parkade & Traffic Deck Coatings

Traffic Deck Coatings and Membranes

Over time, your parkade or traffic deck coating can fail, requiring the proper replacement to ensure your surface if waterproof and will last. The wrong contractor can cost you money, time and stress! With the proper material, and professional application, your project can last decades.

Replacement begins with preparation. Previous coatings must be completely removed, and concrete should be mechanically prepared to ensure proper adhesion. Without meticulous preparation, the best systems will prematurely fail, require premature repair or replacement.

Traffic Deck Coating

The Right Team for the Job!

Real Seal works with clients to ensure the right system is chosen for your project. Our technicians are trained from multiple suppliers to instal many different systems, making sure whatever your needs, they are met.

We work cleanly, safely, and efficiently, spending as little time as possible at your site. This will minimize disruption to your operations or parking and present a clean and professional look to clients during operations

Quality Work Since 1987

We used Real Seal to seal our exposed aggregate driveway and are happy to recommend them to our friends and neighbours. 

– Brian H.